Where to buy mucuna pruriens online?

Buy mucuna pruriens online

I reiterate it. Buy and consume mucuna requires a neurologist and the direct advice of your regular doctor.

Online mucuna is a very profitable business.  It is sold as an herbal product with no need for a prescription.

The variety of extracts of mucuna offered is huge, and the consumer may get lost in the plethora of powders, drops, capsules and tablets.  For that reason, in Dosage and Presentations, I have summarized the majority of them, and I have given some general guidelines in How to start taking mucuna: case studies.

You must verify the source and destination.  Customs blocks often products purchased online.  In the United States there is no difficulty in getting any kind of product. But currently is difficult to purchase them from Europe.

For now, just a few European businesses, ship mucuna to online buyers.  The most well-known are based in France (for example, the French version of Amazon) or Andorra (certain pharmacies).

In Spain, mucuna is sold in some pharmacies (the pioneers are found in Barcelona), and other companies have opened retail outlets.

The law has changed since 2015 on, antiparkinsonian drugs that are not sold in Spain can be ordered in some pharmacies, if a prescription is provided.

The purchase can be made online but only with pharmacies having a physical location.  In the case of these, obviously it will be easier to get mucuna which does not require a prescription.


In the United States there are no problems for almost any preparation of mucuna including low doses that are sold as dietary supplements and which are ideal for starting treatment. You will find plenty of them in Amazon.com.


In France and Andorra I have found mucuna preparations available from 50 to 120 milligrams per capsule.  These sources currently send it to Spain without problems.

You can get mucuna extracts manufactured in Germany and France, but they are only sent from France or Andorra.  In Amazon-France some brands are supplied.

Other online businesses have representatives in Europe (Solbia, Anastore, Biovea, Carethy) and the product can be purchased in 3-4 days.


USA & Europe



120 capsules – 200 mg – 50 % = 100 mg L-DOPA




26 doses of 7.5 gramos – 3.33 % = 250 mg L-DOPA


Now Foods DOPA


90 capsules – 800 mg – 15 %     = 120 mg L-DOPA



         120 capsules – 370 mg – 15% = 55 mg L-DOPA


Ayurvedic Herbs

ayurvedic herbs

47 doses of 1200 mg – 15 % = 180 mg L-DOPA




60 capsules 400 mg – 15 %    =

60 mg L-DOPA






60 capsules – 250 mg – 40 %   = 100 mg L-Dopa





90 tablets – 400 mg – 15 % = 60 mg L-DOPA



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