Mucuna Pruriens properties and benefits

Mucuna benefits and properties
Mucuna would no longer be considered just an herbal supplement but a good drug to be dispensed at pharmacy. It contains natural levodopa having many advantages over the synthetic.
Dr. Rafael González Maldonado

Dr. Rafael González Maldonado

Dr. Rafael González Maldonado is a neurologist with an extensive professional career: Doctor of Medicine, Honorary researcher at the Royal Free Hospital (London), Professor of Medicine, Chief of Neurology at the University Hospital of Granada (1991-2005). He currently is a neurologist at private practice.He has written several popular books of Parkinson's disease: "The strange case of Dr. Parkinson", "Unorthodox Treatments for Parkinson's Disease" "Parkinson and Stress," "Conjectures of a Neurologist who Listened a Thousand Parkinsonian patients" as well as numerous scientific publications.

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  1. Preciso saber o tratamento completo de Parkson

  2. José Nivaldo de Moura says:

    preciso saber o tratamento completo sobre parkson

  3. Research suggests Mucuna protects the brain by keeping cognitive and neural functions in check, even encouraging neural activity. The Antioxidants present donate an electron to the free radical to neutralize its effects, particularly on the brain. Mucuna has an added benefit in that it fights systemic redness in the brain, which is often a factor in brain degradation.

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