Extracts of mucuna patented by neurologists

Mucuna patented
EXTRACTS OF MUCUNA HAVE BEEN PATENTED: Two renowned neurologists and a professor of Phyto-medicine have patented a mucuna seed extract to treat Parkinson's disease.
Dr. Rafael González Maldonado

Dr. Rafael González Maldonado

Dr. Rafael González Maldonado is a neurologist with an extensive professional career: Doctor of Medicine, Honorary researcher at the Royal Free Hospital (London), Professor of Medicine, Chief of Neurology at the University Hospital of Granada (1991-2005). He currently is a neurologist at private practice.He has written several popular books of Parkinson's disease: "The strange case of Dr. Parkinson", "Unorthodox Treatments for Parkinson's Disease" "Parkinson and Stress," "Conjectures of a Neurologist who Listened a Thousand Parkinsonian patients" as well as numerous scientific publications.

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