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mucuna dosage presentations 2

Dosage and presentations

To use mucuna correctly the premise is to be clear about what you want: it is simply a legume that contains levodopa naturally.  Synthetic levodopa usually used in pharmaceutical preparations may be replaced in whole...

Mucuna patented 1

Extracts of mucuna patented by neurologists

Thousands or millions of Parkinson’s patients have been treated with mucuna for millennia in Hindu medicine.  From what we know, the results have been good and with few side effects. That experience has drawn the...

MUCUNA WORKS BETTER THAN SINEMET In rats it has already been shown. In people there is much evidence about the advantages of mucuna as has been found in well-designed and scientifically based trials. 3

Mucuna vs Sinemet : benefits of natural levodopa

There is growing evidence in support of mucuna extracts as a natural medicine for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. FIRST DESCRIPTIONS In 1978, a publication by R.A. Vaidya in India stated that Parkinson’s disease could...

Mucuna benefits and properties 3

Mucuna Pruriens properties and benefits

This is not a book of Hindu medicine so, with a blatantly practical approach, I’ll strip the mucuna, this amazing herb, from everything that reminds one of Ayurveda. I respect this ancient health system but,...

It is a legume, a "hairy" bean, with pods covered by fuzzy fibers that cause intense itching if they contact the skin ("pruriens"). It contains lots of natural levodopa and it is a choice to treat some people with Parkinson's disease 0

Mucuna, a bean that grows in the tropics

Levodopa, a direct precursor of dopamine, is the main medication for Parkinson’s disease. Patients are treated with “synthetic” levodopa in different doses or combinations in tablets of Sinemet, Madopar and Stalevo. The largest natural source...

Common beans contain levodopa in its seeds and pods, but in low concentrations. This proportion is much higher in the buds. A serving of beans may accumulate as much levodopa as half a tablet of levodopa Sinemet. 0

Beans contain levodopa

Gugenheim ate beans with natural levodopa. Later, the pharmaceutical industry manufactured synthetic levo-dopa that is sold as Sinemet, Madopar and Stalevo. Common beans (Vicia faba) are a natural source of levodopa, which accumulates in the...

Levodopa discover 1

A brief history of levodopa

Dr. Guggenheim felt sick. He noticed that his pulse was racing and he had to vomit. He thought, and rightly so, that it was because he had eaten too many beans. He had the idea...

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